Something had to be done. Even after a 15-year homeschooling journey with five children, something was amiss. Gaps. Holes. Unmet needs. Time, surprisingly, was not the answer.  They needed more. The holes needed filling.  The gaps needed closing. And soon.
But, how?
Public school wasn’t the answer, with their one-size-fits-all approach.  Co-ops offered only a temporary reprieve. 
Then what?
What WAS the answer???

Start a private school.

… And so, after much prayer and contemplation, along with the impassioned support of an astute team of collaborators, Hillcrest Heights School of Excellence emerged. 

The Hillcrest Heights philosophy is rooted in the understanding that the sum of a student’s academic journey cannot authentically be represented by an average of test scores.  Our personalized, holistic approach empowers our students to see themselves as much more than a grade point average and fosters a grounded level of confidence in them for their expedition with the world outside of school. Our academic standards are mastery-based, allowing each student to develop a unique experience with the information being learned. 

The culture of students and faculty members built at Hillcrest Heights embodies the virtues and morals of a patriotic, conservative, self-respecting, and charitable people. We teach and practice Judeo-Christian values and encourage our students to hold themselves, and others, to these standards. 


Our focus on student success expands across the barrier of graduation and into life as a young adult. We engage our students with leadership opportunities, edifying challenges, and scholastic mastery. Taking personal ownership and building resiliency through personal and group challenges help to establish a firm foundation of self-worth and self-respect. Through the elimination of traditional boundaries and the integration of essential life skills, our students’ experiences go well beyond the narrow realm of academics. 

We welcome students ages 5-17 to experience the freedom of a mastery-based, personalized educational experience. Our programs are designed to be catalysts for future success in life. We believe that when a young mind is nurtured in the best ways at the right time, that mind becomes capable and confident to take on challenges along its path. From our youngest students seeking connections in the world around them to those exploring endless possibilities, we guide our students through an educational life adventure and prepare them for their voyage beyond our walls.  Their success is our success.

With much hope and love,

Cindy Lane

Founder and Educator