Student Showcase
Three times a year our students host and participate in a Student Showcase where they display and present a collection of their accomplishments.  Family members and community members are invited to attend.

Transition Program
This program, specifically designed for our Voyagers, covers three important aspects:

  1. Life Skills – Each week Voyagers attend classes where they learn essential skills that help to prepare them to successfully become independent young adults.  The classes include, but are not limited to, Money Management, Employment, Personal Management, Home Repairs and Maintenance, etc. 
  2. Career Navigation – Every two weeks Voyagers connect with a professional in a particular field or industry to learn all about their line of work.  The goal is to expose our Voyagers to a wide range of options to help with career choices.  Previous Career Navigation connections have included a gunsmith, dentist, therapist, DHS agent, attorney,  airline pilot, and more.
  3. Lone Star College Dual Credit Enrollment – We encourage all of our Voyagers to enroll in dual credit courses with LSC, regardless of their post-high school path.  LSC offers dual credit classes for both an academic track and a WorkForce track, supporting both students who plan to move on to earn a college degree and those who plan to earn their Associates Degree and enter straight into the workforce.


Impact Events
A few times a year a variety of conservative organizations plan events for teens.  We do our best to organize a way to get our Voyagers to attend these events.  Events we have attended in the past are the Texas Youth Summit, Houston Youth Summit, and Defend the Police Rally.

Jingle Bell Market
Each fall our students host a craft fair and market where local vendors and family businesses can connect with the community.  This event usually includes a Rudolph Run and Breakfast with Santa. The Jingle Bell Market is designated as our annual fundraiser. 

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at our Jingle Bell Market, click the link below for more information.


Parents play an essential role in the growth and success of our student programs at Hillcrest Heights.  We rely on parents to support our students in the variety of events and organizations they choose to participate in.  We also depend on parents to invite others to come and see what we’re all about.  Our administrators and staff here at Hillcrest Heights desire to work in tandem with parents to ensure that each student personally experiences the desired outcome.